Armour Hills September 2014 Homes Sales Stats

PrintSome interesting home sales statistics to report for Armour Hills in Brookside today–I am blogging information for September 2014 and year to date figures.  Although we are in the typically slower season for home sales (after the spring/summer rush)– some new listings are going under contract very quickly.  Let’s look at the numbers:

In September 2014, six homes sold with a median sales price of $272,000 and 4 days on market. The median list price was $275,000.  The difference between list and sales price was just a bit over 1%.  Three of the six homes we under contract within  a day or two of  hitting the market.  What does this mean?  There are buyers who are ready to buy now, if the house is well priced and move-in ready. It’s obvious these buyers were ready to jump on any new listing that fit their criteria.  (In addition, we had our highest Armour Hills sale so far this  year, at an eye popping $474,000-cash!).

In September 2013, five homes sold with a median sales price of $258,000 and 4 days on market.  The median list price was $ 272,000.  Again, three of the five homes were under contract within a day of going up for sale.  

Now let’s compare year-to-date figures:

For the first nine months of 2014, 49 homes sold with a median price of $243,000 and 28 days on market.

For the first nine months of 2013, 62 homes sold with a median price of $250,000 and 20 days on the market.

We see a slip in average sales price and fewer numbers of homes selling in YTD numbers.

Currently there are 18 homes for sale in Armour Hills, at a median price of $225,000.  The lowest list price at $160,000 and the highest at $375,000.

(All stats taken from Heartland MLS; deemed reliable but not guaranteed)

The 2014 World Series–And The Winner Is:

 RoyalsIn a week it will be over. The souvenirs in the discount bin, the parade completed, personal Royals jerseys  stashed away until next April.  Today we wonder, who will win the 2014 World Series?  Of course we believe it will the our Royals.  But you know we’ve already won.

We’ve won because of the incredible ride the team, the fans, the City has been on since last month. We  feel,  inside ourselves,  the sparkle in Hosmer’s eyes, the power in Butler’s swing, the confident Cain catches.  We have become them and they us.   We are drunk on the Royals booze–the bitter and the sweet–as we go about our daily routine.

And so we wait.  We plan our  calendar around these last games.  We hope, we pray, we will watch with friends, we will wear our gear.  It’s almost over.  No matter the score,  we all won in this unforgettable Royals baseball season.


Brookside Home Sales Stats – September 2014

Interesting statistics to report regarding Brookside home sales last month.  Prices are down for the month and year to date compared to 2013.  Here’s the breakdown, using single family home sales for zip code 64113:

In September 2014, 32 homes sold.  Median sales price was $289,950 and 45 days on  market.  The lowest sales price was $164,950 and the highest was $2,727,420 (that’s the highest MLS recorded sale so for this year).  Seven homes sold at $500K or higher, and there were two sales over $1million.

In September 2013, 27 homes sold.  The  median sales price was $346,000 and 55 days on market.   The lowest sales price was $180,000 and the highest was $750,000.

Although a few more homes sold this September and we experienced lower days on market, overall average price was way down.  A partial reason for the drop is that in Sept 2013, four homes sold for over asking price, and more expensive homes sold a year ago.  

Looking at year to date figures:

From Jan-September 2014, 219 homes sold at a median sales price of $306,000 and 37 days on market.

From Jan- September  2013, 248  homes sold at a median sales price of $299,900 and 47 days on market.  

You can see that fewer homes are selling this year because inventory is lower and the homes that aren’t selling have issues of some kind (not updated, overpriced, poor location, etc).  Average prices are higher showing there is still a demand for homes in the area, and buyers are willing to pay more to get what they want.

Currently there are 90 single family homes for sale in the Brookside zip code of 64113 with a median list  price of $399,950 and 83 days on market.  Thirty of  the 90 homes are priced over $500K, while ten of those homes are priced over $1million.   There is a definite shortage of updated, move in ready homes in the Brookside/Waldo area priced between $200-$250K right now.  As we move into the holiday season, there will be few listings on the market and buyers may decide to wait  until next year to look at a fresh crop of homes for sale.

(All figures taken from Heartland MLS and deemed reliable but not guaranteed).

Dinosaur Show Coming to the Sprint Center

Is that a real dinosaur at St Elizabeth's School??

Is that a real dinosaur at St Elizabeth’s School??

Last week, St Elizabeth’s School in Waldo had a special visitor…from a dinosaur! OK, not a real one, but very life-like! The one pictured here is a “Baby T” replica.

The Walking with Dinosaurs show is coming to the Sprint Center next month. This multi-million dollar show features 20 life sized dinosaurs who walk and roar around the stage in a performance that takes you back to what ‘life’ was like millions of years ago. These creatures are endlessly fascinating–and to see them move like they did in the old days really sparks the imagination. Operated by master puppeteers, this is a elaborate multi-media event featuring video, large stage sets, the huge dinosaurs plus original music.

The live theatrical show originated in Australia, and has toured several cities in the US and UK to favorable reviews. The performance lasts about ninety minutes, and prices start at $19.50. This is the type of stage show our Sprint Arena was built for–it’s a visually spectacular experience. Details about dates and showtimes available at  I think school age kids–and their parents–would have a great time at this event.  It’s that sort of show that holds your attention while giving you a history lesson as well!

Saturday’s KC Marathon Shuts Down KCMO Traffic for Several Hours

Out of all the races that run through Kansas City MO, and most of them do, this is the one that shuts traffic down for several hours.  The Kansas City Marathon happens Saturday Oct 18, starting downtown, continuing through the heart of the city south  through 75th St in Waldo.

It is extremely difficult and time consuming to try and navigate through the race route.  Police generally will not let vehicles through, and this causes auto back up for several blocks. Street closures begin at 7:30am and last until after 1pm.

Travelling along Main St, Wornall Road, Brookside Blvd and Ward Parkway will be virtually impossible during race hours.  Don’t try to go west to Kansas as you won’t be able to cross any of these major north-south routes.  This race should be moved to Sunday.  So many businesses, restaurants and retail outlets loose thousands of dollars due to customers not being able to reach the destination.  Having the race on Sunday would eliminate some of the losses. Or–move the race outside of the Kansas City MO limits.

More details at the race website:


Peek Inside This Armour Hills Landmark Home

Armour Hills Landmark Home

Armour Hills Landmark Home

If you’ve ever walked, biked or driven past this house at 48 E 68 St in Armour Hills…it  surely  made you stop and gaze at it’s stunning curb appeal.  This is the home of my neighbors Jackie and Dave, and I’ve been wanting to write a short blog about this house for a long time.  Every time I am driving home potential homebuyers around Armour Hills, they comment on how uniquely beautiful this house is as we go by.

Original tile work on back patio

Original tile work on back patio

Built in 1925 in the Spanish Mission style, this house was a model home for JC Nichols as he was developing the Armour Hills subdivision.  The exterior is all stone, with a red clay tile roof.  It features a wrap around porch, a tile walkway and a basement garage. This photo is original tile work laid into the back yard patio.

Dave has done some research on the original owners.  Ernest and Zanah Portley lived here, and Mr Portley was an owner of the Wakefield Mantel and Tile Company located in downtown Kansas City. It was the largest tile importer in the US, and employees installed tile in the Phillips and Muehlebach Hotels, as well as Fairyland and Electric Park.  (I wonder if the company had anything to do with the elaborate tile work on the Country Club Plaza–could not confirm that hunch.)

Original tile work, cabinet and lighting from 1925

Original tile work, cabinet and lighting from 1925

What is so fascinating about the inside of this house is that so much of the original tile work has been preserved.  The bathrooms had tile all the way to the ceiling!

Other photos pictured below  are from the breakfast room.  Having a breakfast nook is common in this area–what is different here is the tile mural on the wall, the tile on the shelves above the radiators, and the large fireplace in this room.  Also note that original black and mustard colored tile floor.

Tile work on top of the breakfast room radiator

Tile work on top of the breakfast room radiator



Fireplace in breakfast room

Fireplace in breakfast room

On wall of breakfast room

On wall of breakfast room

Ernest died before Zanah, who lived in the house until 1984.  Their son went to Rockhurst High School and College, and died tragically at age 25.  Jackie and Dave bought the house in 1999, and have remodeled and/or updated each room, taking care to preserve the original craftsmanship when possible.  If tile work and light fixtures needed to be replaced, Dave purchased specially made replacements that matched the original decor.

Fireplace in Living Room

Fireplace in Living Room

This photo shows the large fireplace in the living room–just look at the detail in the stonework!

My estimate as to the market value of this home?  Priceless!

Meyer Fest Happens This Weekend in Brookside

meyer fest threeOur good neighbor St Peter’s Parish is hosting the first Meyer Fest this  Saturday, Oct 9, 2014 on the parish grounds at 815 E Meyer Boulevard.  Everyone is welcome!

On Saturday  morning, enjoy a pancake breakfast from 8:30-10:30am, along with a Bike Parade and the KidSPOT carnival.  Food trucks are also available from 10:30am-12:30pm.  The festival then takes a break until the evening activities…

Starting at 6, there is the Indoor Wurst Party, featuring German food and a polka band.  Outside, enjoy live music at the block party with The Elders, the Fritz Hutchison Band and The Zeros.

Although Meyer Fest is a fundraiser for the parish, another purpose for this event is to bring together the various and diverse residents we have in the area and build community for those not a part of the parish.  So even if you are not a church member, you are welcome to join in the fun.  Bring your family, neighbors and friends!

Learn more about pricing and details at MeyerFestKC.  And a special thanks to The Roasterie, who is the festival’s main sponsor.