Centered Spirit-Now Open in Waldo


With all the current chatter about health insurance, premiums, who’s covered, rising costs–it can be just another source of stress to our already fast paced lives. If you want to investigate a different style of taking care of your mind and physical body, consider a visit to Centered Spirit, a new Cultural and Holistic Center in Waldo.

massage roomCentered Spirit believes in “the body’s innate wisdom and natural ability to find health and achieve balance”. Alex Jackson has been practicing traditional Mayan medicine for fourteen years, first in a Brookside office location. He and his wife Emilie opened Centered Spirit in January 2017. Alex works with patients regarding digestive disorders, muscle pains, anxiety, female health issues, depleted energy and offers several types of traditional therapies, such as Maya Abdominal Massage, cupping, holistic counseling, acupuncture and herbal remedies.  Alex explains that “different life events can trigger physical changes in your body as well as emotional stress.”  He takes the time to “assess, connect and heal” with the goal of solutions that will work for each unique person for the long term.


Their expanded facility at 8131 Wornall has four treatment rooms plus an infrared sauna as well as a larger community area for classes and teaching. To celebrate Emilie’s native country of France, they have opened a French tea room in the building which Emilie operates, featuring several imported teas from France (also sold by the ounce). Emilie recently wrote about the health benefits of tea for Evolving in Kansas City.   Both Alex and Emilie love promoting different cultures — they have travelled extensively to places like Belize, Mexico and Guatemala. Artwork they have purchased while roaming the Earth hangs throughout the building, and the couple loves sharing their passion for other cultures through food, art and healing traditions.  Centered Spirit also offers workshops for the public; the next one is April 1-2, 2017 titled “Life On Purpose”.

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Centered Spirit is located at 8131 Wornall–that is the southeast corner of 81st Terrace and Wornall. If you would like to find out more about their services–stop by for a cup of tea! Or contact Alex Jackson at 816 225 9393. The Centered Spirit blog, with their event listings, is posted at


Brookside Home Sales Report-March 2018

The busy spring home buying season is here and buyers are hungry for fresh listings, especially those priced at $350K or less.  Let’s take a look at the Brookside home sales report for March 2018, using the main Brookside zip code of 64113:

March 2018                                                                 March 2017

Median list price:       $429,000                                Median list price:       $395,000

Median sales price:    $394,000                               Median sales price:    $395,000

No. of homes sold:         23                                       No. of homes sold:        23

Days on market:             14                                       Days on market:           34

Notice the median sales price is virtually the same as a year ago, and number of homes sold is the same.  Homes this year went under contract in a shorter amount of time–just two weeks. The lowest sales price last month was $255,000 and the highest was $1.1 million.

Year to date figures below:

Jan-March 2018                                                           Jan-March 2017

Median list price:      $387,450                                   Median list price:       $397,000

Median sales price:   $373,000                                 Median sales price:    $394,000

No. of homes sold:         52                                        No. of homes sold:      50

Days on market:            25                                          Days on market:          37

Although the median sales price is lower YTD this year compared to last, I don’t think that signals an overall slump in sales prices.  We have such a wide range of prices in Brookside–I think the lower median number reflects more ‘lower’ priced homes selling, and that’s where the demand is (not for $500K and over).  Also, note the trend of more homes closing and going under contract in a shorter amount of time compared to 2017 YTD.

Currently there are 33 active listings in zip code 64113.  The median list price is $529,950 and 33 days on market. Prices range from $$249,000 up to $2.89 million.  Sixteen homes are priced over $500K.

(All information taken from Heartland MLS; deemed reliable but not guaranteed.)

Bella Napoli Changes It’s Coffee Bar

You may have heard Bella Napoli is ‘closing’ it’s coffee bar. Not true!  It’s the concept and  hours that are changing!

JakeStarting today, Monday April 16, the coffee bar will open at 10am, along with the deli and market.  You can get coffee (or expresso, latte, etc) but no pastries or drinks with syrup.  Owner Jake Imperiale says he’s changing the concept to “do it the Italian way” –meaning no coffee ‘to go’.  Come in, order your beverage; it will be served on china  and then you can sit down at a table  and take the time to really enjoy your beverage.  (And if you’ve ever been to Italy, you know that is the true Italian way to have a coffee.  Linger  and appreciate your drink, take the time to chat with your companion or sit and contemplate the day.)

BellaNapoliBella Napoli has been a Brookside fixture since April 2001.  It’s here you will find fresh Italian deli meats, cheeses and sandwiches, along with imported wines, olive oil, vinegar, pastas, olives and other treats.  Lunch and dinner are also offered, in a cozy, comfortable, space.  There are plenty of places to get a ‘grab and go’ coffee in Brookside–now when you want to relax and savor the real Italian experience, come to Bella Napoli. New hours are 10am-9pm Monday though Thursday; Friday and Saturday 10am-10pm; closed on Sunday.

Thank you for supporting locally owned Brookside/Waldo businesses!



Brookside Farmers’ Market Opens Saturday

farmerAnother sign of Spring!  The Brookside Farmers’ Market opens this weekend, Saturday April 14, 2018 for the season.  Location is the same:  southeast corner of 63rd and Wornall, at Border Star elementary school.  

There are many farmers’ markets in the metro area; what makes this one a bit different is that all vendors live within 100 miles of the market and the goods they sell are “organic and sustainable”.  Besides fresh herbs, vegetables and flowers, there are various meats for sale, baked goods, snacks, and some vegan/gluten free items.  The market accepts KS Vision and MO SNAP forms of payment.  It’s helpful if you bring your own bag to the market!

With the crazy weather we’ve had, there may not be an abundance of fresh produce on opening day. However, there is always something tasty to purchase!

Thank you for supporting our local Brookside Farmers’ Market. Hours are 8am-1pm every Saturday through October.

Major Construction Work Planned for 75th and Wornall Area

Waldo tower

Wonderful Waldo!

Wornall Road in the heart of Waldo seems to be a never ending construction site, and will continue that way for the next few years.  Here’s a summary of what’s going on:

*This week, contractors will start drilling around 75th and Wornall.  The work is related to the bigger (and much needed) 75th/Wornall improvement project.  There will be lane closures on both sides of Wornall from approximately 74th to 79th St area for several days.

*The 75th/Wornall improvement project involves a redesign of the parking lot in front of Waldo Pizza; creating a new Trolley Track extension (dedicated path) outside that lot; updated sidewalks, crosswalks and lighting;  plus installation of islands to slow down traffic at that congested intersection. Major work on this project is slated to start early next year and finish in late 2020. 

*The “sewer separation project” is underway along W 77th and W 85th, Grand and Summit Streets, bringing new storm and sanitary lines underground and some sewer line rehab.  This project is ongoing through 2019.

*The “Smart Sewer Project” involves water main line replacement along 75th St from Holmes to State Line, beginning in mid 2019 through 2020.

Our tax dollars at work!  Yes, it is challenging to drive, bike or walk around road closures in these areas however, all of this work is so necessary.  I’m especially excited about the 75th/Wornall improvements as that is such a congested intersection. It is the ‘front door’ of Waldo! After the project is completed,  the area will look much more inviting to pedestrians and help traffic flow better.

Please be courteous and aware of construction workers in the area as they work to make our neighborhood better for all!  Have a positive attitude, focusing on the outcome rather than the temporary inconvenience.

To keep up on details of these projects, check this webpage for updates:

Shopgirls Relocated to Brookside East

The popular Brookside women’s clothing store, Shopgirls, is now located in the fast-growing Brookside East area of Brookside, at 6215 Oak.

You may remember late last year, the landlord for the previous Shopgirls location at 6245 Brookside Plaza (near Foos) declined to renew the lease.  (Another women’s clothing store, Lady Bye, is now in the old Shopgirls spot.)  During the busy holiday shopping season, Shopgirls had a temporary pop up store above Jalapeno’s.  

If you are looking for the  new Shopgirls spot, note that the signage above the awning visible to the street says HAMILTON.  However, inside you’ll find the same unique jewelry, accessories and fashionable women’s casual clothes that were in the old location…and of course, the same personable service!

Thanks for supporting locally owned businesses in Brookside and Waldo!

Armour Hills Home Sales Stats-Feb 2018

The numbers for these stats are …very unusual !  I double checked all of the figures.  You’ll see the numbers prices are identical–what are the chances of that?  Here are the February and YTD figures for the Armour Hills subdivision in Brookside:

February 2018                                                                  February 2017

Median list price:     $299,000                                      Median list price:     $314,500

Median sales price:  $299,000                                     Median sales price:   $314,500

No. of homes sold:         5                                              No. of homes sold:        5

Days on market:            5                                               Days on market:            38

Last month, three of the five homes sold at or over list price.  It’s definitely a sellers’ market in Armour Hills.  Here are year-to-date figures:

Jan-Feb 2018                                                              Jan-Feb 2017

Median list price:    $299,000                                 Median list price:       $314,500

Median sales price:  $299,000                               Median sales price:     $314,500

No. of homes sold:    9                                            No. of homes sold:       9

Days on market:        5                                            Days on market:          36

For some fluke reason, the median list and sales prices are exactly the same each month comparing the dates.  That’s consistency!

Currently there are seven homes for sale in Armour Hills, with a median price of $348,000 and 12 days on market.

(All figures taken from Heartland MLS; deemed reliable but not guaranteed.)


Waldo Home Sales Report-Feb 2018

Waldo is again in high demand for home buyers–final sales prices are (at times) thousands of dollars over the list price.  Here are the Feb 2018 single family home sales stats for Waldo, using the area of State Line to Holmes and Gregory to 85th St:

February 2018                                                               February 2017

Median list price:      $149,950                                  Median list price:      $192,950

Median sales price:   $160,000                                 Median sales price:   $180,000

No. of homes sold:          27                                       No. of homes sold:      26

Days on market:              24                                        Days on market:         31

Look at that median sales price, $11K over list price!   Last month there was a one bedroom, one bath home listed at $90K and sold for $110K–$20,000 over asking price for a one bedroom home!  I really feel for the buyers, who get so discouraged losing out in bidding wars.  More inventory will open up over the next three months.

Here are year-to-date stats:

Jan-Feb 2018                                                                    Jan-Feb 2017

Median list price:     $161,250                                    Median list price:      $171,350

Median sales price:  $161,500                                    Median sales price:   $168,375

No. of homes sold:        46                                           No. of homes sold:       52

Days on market:            23                                           Days on market:           31

So far this year sellers are getting at least asking price; many times more than that.  I think many of these lower price range buyers realize–rents are going way up, why pay someone else’s mortgage when you can buy and have a house payment similar to rent? The challenge is finding a well maintained, updated home with a lower budget.  It will be another strong year for Waldo home sales!

Currently there are 16 active listings, with a median price of $218,500 and 6 days on market.

(All stats taken from Heartland MLS; deemed reliable but not guaranteed.)