Centered Spirit-Now Open in Waldo


With all the current chatter about health insurance, premiums, who’s covered, rising costs–it can be just another source of stress to our already fast paced lives. If you want to investigate a different style of taking care of your mind and physical body, consider a visit to Centered Spirit, a new Cultural and Holistic Center in Waldo.

massage roomCentered Spirit believes in “the body’s innate wisdom and natural ability to find health and achieve balance”. Alex Jackson has been practicing traditional Mayan medicine for fourteen years, first in a Brookside office location. He and his wife Emilie opened Centered Spirit in January 2017. Alex works with patients regarding digestive disorders, muscle pains, anxiety, female health issues, depleted energy and offers several types of traditional therapies, such as Maya Abdominal Massage, cupping, holistic counseling, acupuncture and herbal remedies.  Alex explains that “different life events can trigger physical changes in your body as well as emotional stress.”  He takes the time to “assess, connect and heal” with the goal of solutions that will work for each unique person for the long term.


Their expanded facility at 8131 Wornall has four treatment rooms plus an infrared sauna as well as a larger community area for classes and teaching. To celebrate Emilie’s native country of France, they have opened a French tea room in the building which Emilie operates, featuring several imported teas from France (also sold by the ounce). Emilie recently wrote about the health benefits of tea for Evolving in Kansas City.   Both Alex and Emilie love promoting different cultures — they have travelled extensively to places like Belize, Mexico and Guatemala. Artwork they have purchased while roaming the Earth hangs throughout the building, and the couple loves sharing their passion for other cultures through food, art and healing traditions.  Centered Spirit also offers workshops for the public; the next one is April 1-2, 2017 titled “Life On Purpose”.

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Centered Spirit is located at 8131 Wornall–that is the southeast corner of 81st Terrace and Wornall. If you would like to find out more about their services–stop by for a cup of tea! Or contact Alex Jackson at 816 225 9393. The Centered Spirit blog, with their event listings, is posted at


EB and Company Opens in Brookside

EB shopWe have another new locally owned business to tell you about in this week’s blog…EB and Company, an ‘inspired accessories’ shop now open at 326. W 63rd St, between Wornall and Brookside Blvd.

EB EmilyOwner Emily Bordner has always had an entrepreneurial spirit—inheriting it from her parents.  She had a regular corporate job at Hallmark as a merchandising designer, and started a side business making leather handbags.  She expanded into online sales and pop up shops—then decided to open her own retail place here.   She chose this location in part because she knows a handful of shop owners who love being in Brookside, and she worked at Bella Napoli while in college.    “Brookside has a long tradition of supporting locally owned businesses.  It’s really cool to be the new kid on the block, sandwiched between the long term businesses here”. 

So..about the store:  Emily’s goal is to “own the accessories niche”.  She carries several leather bags (made in the Crossroads and featuring domestically sourced leather); earrings, headbands, barrettes, scarves, rings and lip tint from SKIN KC.  Prices are very reasonable, ranging from $20 to $180.  The styles are current and classic at the same time:  tortoise shell, metals, warm and cool colored materials. You may have already seen some of her offerings at Made in KC.

eb frontEmily will host the grand opening of her store on September 28, with specials, beverages and a pop up store to be determined.  See more about EB and Company at the website or on Instagram   Hours are Monday through Saturday 10am-6pm and Sunday 12-5.  Stop in and browse through EB and Company the next time you are in Brookside!


Littlest Bake Shop–Treats with Big Flavor

insideIt’s usually those cozy, quiet little food shops that supply the best atmosphere for a short caffeine stop, a shared treat with a friend or a corner to relax and read for a bit.  I’m thinking of places like Second Best Coffee, Heirloom,  or the Unbakery. And now Brookside and Waldo have another option:  The Littlest Bake Shop at 645 E 59th St–a vegan and gluten free bakery.


Owner Iris Green is an experienced baker–she’s published her own cookbooks on Amazon, and recently moved back to KC from Los Angeles with her toddler. She was doing pop ups to sell her cupcakes at this same space (it was Pirate’s Bone) and when that business  relocated to the Crossroads, Iris decided to move in.  She bakes everything on site, using local and seasonal ingredients.  Flavors change depending on what inspires Iris and what is fresh–she usually always has a vanilla and chocolate cupcake and cinnamon rolls, but for something different, she’s offered rose muffins with marzipan filling; blackberry peach cobbler, or whatever Iris can dream up with the seasonal produce she finds.  That’s the real treat–trying a flavor you weren’t expecting!


Besides  muffins, mini pies and cupcakes, Iris has several beverages for sale:  coffee drinks and  egg creams. She makes all her flavored syrups from scratch, too. Iris told me she thinks of her store as “vintage concept with with a contemporary flair”. Her shop is small yet inviting:  some tables and chairs, a counter with stools, and a shaded patio out the back door!

The shop has limited hours right now (Friday noon-7, Saturday and Sunday 10-3), but that’s part of the fun–drop in on a whim to see what she’s cooking up today!  Iris will also take special orders.  The Littlest Bake Shop is located at 645 E 59th St–just west of Chai Shai. 



Waldo Home Sales Report-July 2019

Reading this blog may seem like the Groundhog’s Day movie…same news about Waldo home values increasing, over and over!  Let’s take a look at the numbers:

July 2019                                                              July 2018

Median list price:     $239,000                         Median list price:    $215,000

Median sales price:   $243,000                       Median sales price:  $210,000

No. of homes sold:     34                                  No. of homes sold:      43

Days on market:      3                                       Days on market:         8

Most of the homes that closed last month sold at or over list price, at a substantial increase over last July.  Fewer homes sold, and were available, so that pushes prices up and note–listings went under contract in an average of 3 days!  Below are YTD numbers:

Jan-July 2019                                                               Jan-July 2018

Median list price:     $225,000                                  Median list price:     $199,800

Median sales price:  $225,000                                 Median sales price:   $200,000

No. of homes sold:     198                                         No. of homes sold:     234

Days on market:        8                                             Days on market:         16

When there are fewer homes for sale, prices go up–that’s what’s been happening in Waldo.  Most sellers continue to get ask or over list price for their homes.  So far, Waldo home prices  have risen 12.5% this year.  Currently there are 29 active listings, with a median price of $235,000 and 41 days on market.  Prices range from $45,000 to $399,000.

(All stats taken from Heartland MLS; deemed reliable but not guaranteed.)


Armour Hills Home Sales Report – July 2019

My neighborhood of Armour Hills continues to be one of the most desirable Brookside neighborhoods–just this year we have two new families just on my block! Home values continue to rise.  Let’s take a look at the numbers:

July 2019                                                        July 2018

Median list price:     $339,000                   Median list price:     $349,950

Median sales price:    $340,000                Median sales price:     $348,450

Number of homes sold:    12                   Number of homes sold:    9

Days on market:     12                               Days on market:             3

Homes sat on the market for a few days longer, and overall, sold for less than last year…but….the key is year-to-date figures, see below:

Jan-July 2019                                                  Jan-July 2018

Median list price:     $339,900                    Median list price:  $315,000

Median sales price:    $340,000                  Median sales price:  $317,500

No. of homes sold:      55                              No. of homes sold:    46

Days on market:         21                               Days on market:       4

More homes have sold YTD in Armour Hills, and home values are up 7% compared to last year!  Currently there are six homes for sale, with an average list price of $335,000 and 75 days on market.

(All stats taken from Heartland MLS; deemed reliable but not guaranteed.)


Charlie Hooper’s is Back in Business!!

Charlie Hopper’s Bar and Grille is like Brookside’s Cheers bar…whenever I stop in, there’s usually always someone I know!  Back in June, a fire forced Hooper’s to close; now the remodeling is complete and it’s back open for business!

hooopers Although today is the official re-opening day, Hooper’s will have the Grand Reopening celebration all next week, offering specials and giveaways. Watch for specifics online or sign up for their rewards program.  Hoopers is one of the few area joints that serves food till 2am –and cooks have a newly renovated kitchen to work in.  

Stop in Charlie Hoopers soon and see what they’ve done with the place post-fire.  You’ll probably run into someone from the neighborhood!  Hooper’s is at 12 W 63rd St, just west of 63rd and Main St. Parking available on street on on the north side of the building. Welcome back!



Brookside Home Sales Report – July 2019

As we check the numbers for Brookside home sales this year, an interesting fact to note:  more homes are selling this year but at lower prices.  This seems off, compared to the last few years.  Let’s take a closer look at the statistics for single family home sales in Brookside, using the zip code of 64113:

July 2019                                                                   July 2018

Median list price:     $377,500                              Median list price:     $420,000

Median sales price:     $370,000                           Median sales price:    $423,500

No. of homes sold:      36                                      No. of homes sold:        29

Days on market:         20                                        Days on market:          21

A few more homes sold last month compared to a year ago, for an overall lower price.  We did have a $1.7 million sale in July, and seven of the sold homes were over $500K. Here’s year to date numbers:

Jan-July 2019                                                           Jan-July 2018

Median list price:     $389,950                              Median list price:     $409,950                   

Median sales price:    $382,500                            Median sales price:    $398,000

No. of homes sold:       190                                     No. of homes sold:      172

Days on market:          24                                        Days on market:       14

So far this years, prices are about 1.4% lower than same time last year.  Homes are taking longer to sell on average–still, going under contract within 30 days is very desirable for sellers.  Currently there are 41 active single family homes for sale in Brookside, with a median list price of $420,950 and 57 days on market.  The lowest list price is $249,900 and the highest is just under $4,000,000.

(All stats taken from Heartland MLS; deemed reliable but not guaranteed.)


Happy Birthday Brookside!

Way back in 1919,  JC Nichols broke ground on the Brookside Shops at the NE corner of 63rd St and Brookside.  Oh, if only we could travel back to that time as observers:  just image building a community with no computers; when electricity was still scarce, air conditioners were not common and women wore long dresses with hats every day??  That was the way we were when Brookside got started. 

Brookside 100 years

One hundred years later, the Brookside shops and surrounding neighborhoods are still going strong so it’s time to celebrate!  Every Saturday and Sunday in August, many merchants are offering special discounts and sales for their customers.  It’s a festival of customer appreciation for keeping Brookside such a strong destination for shoppers and diners who appreciate supporting locally owned businesses.  Deals include 20% off at The New Dime Store, 25% off the special BKS 100 Year Candle from 5B@ Co and $5 off a $25 purchase at Brookside Toy and Science.  (Visit the Brookside website for the complete list of offers).

And if you are in need of yet another tote bag, many shops are offering a commemorative canvas bag for $10, stuffed with additional coupons.  

Celebrate Brookside’s 100th birthday with special deals every Saturday and Sunday through Sept 1..and thank you for supporting our locally owned neighborhood businesses!