Waldo Home Sales Report-Jan 2021

The cold weather and snow did not slow down home sales in Waldo last month… houses are still selling quickly! Here are the stats for January 2021, and a comparison to January 2020. The Waldo boundaries I’m using are State Line-Holmes and Gregory to 85th St.

January 2021January 2020
Median list price: $237,500$199,750
Median sales price: $237,000$196,250
No. of homes sold: 24 18
Days on market: 3 18

Home values are up almost 21% compared to a year ago! Still a lot of demand and not much inventory. The lowest closed price last month was $129,000 and the highest was $410,000. Currently there are just five listings in Waldo, with an average list price of $322,450 and five days on market.

(All stats taken from Heartland MLS; deemed reliable but not guaranteed.)

Brookside Home Sales Report-January 2021

A new year brings a new batch of Brookside homes for sale! Although there are many buyers ready to buy today, we don’t have the inventory to match demand. January was a busy month for closings; let’s take a look at the numbers. I’m using the main Brookside zip code of 64113 for this report:

January 2021January 2020
Median list price: $399,000$415,000
Median sales price: $432,000$400,000
No. of homes sold: 13 7
Days on market: 6 44

Home values are up over 8% compared to last January, and again, most homes that are going under contract sell at or over the list price.

Here’s a fun fact..as I write this blog, there are just six homes for sale in Brookside, with a median price of $2,645,000! Every home is priced well over $1,000,000! As we know, most buyers do not have the budget for a multi-million dollar home. This is the time when sellers are starting to prep their homes for sale, so we will have more inventory as the weeks go on and the weather warms up.

(All stats taken from Heartland MLS; deemed reliable but not guaranteed.)

Celebrate Waldo Week Feb 19-25, 2021

It’s time for the annual Waldo Week celebration, now in it’s sixth year! Starting tomorrow, Feb. 19 and running through Thurs Feb 25, there are all sorts of special deals and discounts to take advantage of in Waldo. This is a perfect time to support your usual favorite shops and restaurants, and an even better time to check out some places you may not have visited before!

Here’s a partial list of participating businesses:

Centered Spirit, Hawthorne and Ivy, Moonshot Hair, Hiles Two, Boru, Jovito’s, Pedego Electric Bikes; Summit Grill/South of Summit, Governor Stumpy’s, SOAP Refill Station, The Well, Waldo Pizza, Teamwork Sports KC, Eclectics.

Check www.waldokc.org for the complete list. There will also be an online auction this year to benefit Cornerstones of Care. Remember, you must mention Waldo Week to get the discount or special deal.

Thank you for supporting our locally owned Waldo businesses!

Waldo Dec 2020 Home Sales Report and Yearly Comparison

Ah yes, I’m a few days late posting this information but still relevant! Waldo has been one of the hottest neighborhoods for buyers these past few years and 2020 was no exception! The stats below reflect the Waldo area in the boundaries of State Line to Holmes and Gregory to 85th St. First, we’ll look at the December numbers:

December 2020December 2019
Median list price: $210,000$220,000
Median sales price: $217,000$214,000
No. of homes sold: 31 31
Days on market: 2 19

The median sales price crept up a bit over last year, the same number of homes closed, the big difference is in days on market: most homes went under contract within 2 days of listing. The lowest sales price in December 2020 was $125K and the highest was $405K.

Now let’s look at a five year comparison:

375 358 381 400 387
4 10 19 12 21

Wonderful Waldo is hot!!!! Home values up just under 5% in one year, and 37.8% since 2016. Real estate…can be an excellent investment! I wish there was more inventory to meet the demand because multiple offers are still quite common, pushing prices way up. Currently there are just two single family homes for sale in Waldo, with a median price of $203,700 and 31 days on market.

(All stats taken from Heartland MLS; deemed reliable but not guaranteed.)

Westlake Ace Hardware Now Open in Brookside

We have another new business to welcome to Brookside—Westlake Ace Hardware at 104 W 63rd St, in the former Tuesday Morning space.  Although Ace Hardware is a national chain as a coop owned dealership, Westlake’s is the largest wholly owned and operated dealer for Ace, locally owned and headquartered in Lenexa KS with over 145 stores and 5000 employees.  I recently stopped by and looked around the space, and chatted with manager Amber Murfin.

My first question was why Westlake decided on this location.  Amber explained “They wanted to try a smaller footprint for a store and have loved the Brookside area for many years and have long looked for a suitable location. And there is so much foot traffic here along 63rd St.”  With a smaller store, it will be challenging having a large selection of spring flowers and herbs available for purchase, however Amber plans to offer those popular items.  Right now they are stocked up on all kinds of grilling supplies and tools, on display as you walk in. A large selection of regional barbecue sauces and spices just past the entrance is a permanent fixture for the store.  Amber also looks forward to changing the window displays every month, going along with the Brookside tradition of enticing passersby  via those creative presentations.

Besides the usual hardware store stock of paint (Benjamin Moore here), tools, plumbing and cleaning supplies, etc, Westlake offers key cutting services and key FOB programming, window and screen door repair, Toby Tobin Dyna Green bird seed and yard products, plus glass and plexiglass cutting .  They also deliver, and will pick up something from another store they may not have in stock at the Brookside location to get it to the customer.   Friendly smiles and an offer to help find particular items greet everyone who walks in the front door.

Amber is very excited to manage this new store. She’s been with Westlake for over twelve years, working her way up from an inventory position, eventually managing three different stores, most recently at the Westport location.  She loves teaching and learning, and looks forward to getting to know regular customers and becoming part of the Brookside/Waldo neighborhood.  She remarked, “I’d like to say a big thank you to the community here.  Everyone has been so welcoming and supportive”.

Amber Murfin

Our new Westlake Ace Hardware is open 7:30am-8:00pm Monday through Saturday, and 9:00am to 6:00pm on Sunday.  Watch their Facebook page for grand opening specials starting in mid February.

Armour Hills Dec 2020 and Year End Home Sales Report

All last year I was reporting the fast home sales and high sales prices of Armour Hills homes. So how did the year end up compared to 2019? I’ve got the stats for you here; first will report on the December 2020 home sales.

December 2020December 2019
Median list price: $325,000$402,000
Median sales price: $321,000$397,000
No. of homes sold: 13 2
Days on market: 15 24

At first glance, it looks like home values dropped quite a bit compared to December 2019. But look at the number of homes that closed: in 2019 it was just two; last month 15 homes closed! That’s unusual for the month of December. In addition, homes went under contract quicker–during colder holiday months during a pandemic. Let’s look at YTD numbers for the past five years:


Comparing home prices from 2019 to 2020, there was an increase of only .9%! I was surprised it wasn’t more–many Armour Hills properties sold for way over asking price, by several thousands of dollars. However if you compare 2018 to 2020, values shot up 9% and since 2016, up a whopping 25% in five years. Many homes went under contract within a week.

Currently there are no homes for sale in Armour Hills. Two properties went on the market last week; both were under contract within one day.

(All stats taken from Heartland MLS; deemed reliable but not guaranteed.)

Brookside Home Sales Report-Dec 2020 and 5 Year Comparison

So, take a guess how much home prices in Brookside increased in 2020 compared to last year….read on and you’ll find out! I’m reporting the stats for single family home sales in the main Brookside zip code of 64113, along with a five year comparison.

December 2020December 2019
Median list price: $449,000$422,500
Median sales price: $430,000$420,000
No. of homes sold: 35 22
Days on market: 8 25

Last month we had two million dollar + homes that closed. The lowest sales price was $259,000 and the highest was $1,376,000. Below are year to date numbers for the past five years:


Home values are up 10% in one year, 19% since 2016. Houses are going under contract much faster, and selling very close to list price. Our highest 2020 sale was just under $2,000,000; fourteen homes closed at over $1,000,000. With interest rates at historic lows and demand quite high, I think we will have a robust spring homebuying season.

Our neighborhood remains very popular with buyers, despite the pandemic that overtook everything this year. Multiple offers are still quite common. Currently there are eleven active single family homes for sale in zip code 64113, with a median list price of $785,000 and 86 days on market. The median price is so high because seven houses are priced over $500K.

(All stats taken from Heartland MLS; deemed reliable but not guaranteed.)

KC Restaurant Week 2021 Happening Now

I’m happy to report that Kansas City Restaurant Week is still happening this year, and it starts today! You have ten days to sample new places, visit old favorites and support many locally owned eateries that have been struggling during the pandemic. The official dates are Jan 8-17, 2021 and over 100 restaurants are participating this year.

You can dine in, or order take out or have your meal delivered. So easy! Prices are $15 for lunch and $35/$45 for dinner. Make your reservations early for dine in and if you order carry out or delivery, please be patient–these eateries should be very busy this week! Remember, part of the proceeds from each sale benefit the Don Bosco Centers.

Below is a list of the Brookside and Waldo eateries that are participating in KC Restaurant Week. Check this website for specific meal specials, not the individual restaurant website.

Aixois 251 E 55th St

Boru Asian Eatery 500 W 75th St

Charlie Hooper’s 12 W 63rd St

Lew’s Grill and Bar 7539 Wornall

Michael Forbes 128 W 63rd St

Plate Restaurant 701 E 63rd St

South of Summit Taqueria 516 W 75th St

Summit Grill 520 W 75th St

Urban Cafe 5500 Troost

Waldo PIzza 7433 Broadway

The Well 7421 Broadway

Thank you for supporting locally owned Brookside/Waldo restaurants!

The Never-Ending Street Construction in Brookside/Waldo

Hello and Happy 2021!! Hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable holiday break. Now we are in, to me, the most boring time of year. But, we have the Chiefs to cheer on in the playoffs!!!!

OK, down to business. I’m sure you’ve noticed all the construction along several streets in Kansas City:  63rd, Wornall, 75th and Gregory.  I travel these streets every day and have been dodging cones, workers, steel plates and weaving along trying to stay in one skinny lane with oncoming traffic!   What is happening??

How many cones are you dodging each time you drive through our neighborhood?

I called Sean Ackerson, Executive Director of the Southtown Council for more information.  He explained that Spire Gas and their subcontractors are doing utility work along these streets, replacing the 100 year old cast iron main gas lines.  This new high pressure system they are installing creates a more efficient distribution system.

The construction work is taking longer than usual because, well, these projects usually do!  There was a lot of exploratory work in the beginning to find and mark the water and sewer lines so they could map out the new gas pipes. This project started over two years ago—and there’s still several months to go before it’s finished.  And when the winter weather hits, everything stops as the crews can’t work in rain, snow and ice.  I asked Sean if there was a possible end date in sight, and he replied:  “We have the schedule they gave us, but it’s not reliable due to the unpredictability of weather and other scheduled breaks for holidays.”  After the gas lines are set, then the work moves to adjoin the adjacent business and residential properties along these streets to the new main lines.  This can involve moving gas meters outside of the properties as well.

Staging area for supplies along Brookside Road

Another big project planned for Brookside – which has the potential to be even more disruptive—is separating the storm and sanitary sewer lines underground.  This project was mandated by the EPA several years ago—and it’s one reason your water bills go higher and higher.  This will involve ripping up the streets once again.

It’s unfortunate that these major projects can’t be coordinated, so there isn’t so much disruption.  Just be careful and patient when travelling along these streets in Brookside, watching for the workers, cones and detours.  And make an extra effort to support those local businesses who’s storefronts are affected!  Whenever it’s all finished—one year, five years, it’s all needed infrastructure improvement for our neighborhood.

Armour Homes Home Sales Report-November 2020

The end of the year is almost here!! I’m ready for a long, quiet snow day! Will take several days after this last blog post of the year–unless some exciting urgent news pops up. I’m working on a couple of blog posts for January 2020. For now, let’s look at the home sales report for Armour Hills in Brookside:

November 2020November 2019
Median list price: $319,000$325,000
Median sales price: $319,000$323,000
No. of homes sold: 5 3
Days on market: 7 31

Once again last month, many sellers got asking price or more for their homes. A few more homes closed and houses are still going under contract very quickly after they come on the market. Here are the year-to-date stats:

Jan-Nov 2020Jan-Nov 2019
Median list price: $347,000$339,450
Median sales price: $344,500$340,000
No. sold: 84 80
Days on market: 5 18

Final sales prices holding steady compared to last year–although we’ve had months this year when this year’s median price far surpassed the same month in 2019. Next month I will post year over year comparisons. Currently there are no homes for in Armour Hills!

I hope everyone enjoys a safe, happy holiday season as we all look forward to next year and a more “normal” life at some point. Please remember to support locally owned Brookside/Waldo businesses as much as possible! And thank you for reading my blog.

(All stats taken from Heartland MLS; deemed reliable but not guaranteed.)