Waldo Home Sales Report-June 2020

Demand for single family homes in the Waldo area is not slowing down…even with a pandemic going on! Prices keep rising; buyers often pay over list price for homes. Here are the stats for June, using the closed sales in the street boundaries of State Line to Holmes and Gregory to 85th St:

June 2020June 2019
Median list price: $230,000$217,500
Median sales price: $244,000$215,000
No. of homes sold: 4340
Days on market: 27

Buyers are paying over list price; an average of 6% ! And as you can see, most homes are going under contract within 48 hours of hitting the market. WOW. Let’s see what the year-to-date trend is:

Jan-June 2020Jan-June 2019
Median list price: $222,500$222,500
Median sales price: $228,200$219,500
No. of homes sold: 167176
Days on market: 510

YTD, Waldo home prices are up about 4% compared to 2019, and are going under contract quickly. Currently there are 21 active single family homes listed, with a median price of $325,000 and ten days on market. Prices range from $195,000 to $555,000.

(All stats taken from Heartland MLS; information reliable but not guaranteed.)

Brookside Home Sales Report-June 2020

We are halfway through 2020, and despite the ongoing pandemic, Brookside home values are up–and down. Looking at monthly comparison (June 2020 to June 2019), prices are higher. There was a dip in the YTD figures. Here are the details, checking single family home sales in the main Brookside zip code of 64113:

June 2020June 2019
Median list price: $424,900$369,000
Median sales price: $420,000$370,000
No. of homes sold: 2731
Days on market: 811

Last month, prices were up 13.5% over June 2019. Eleven homes listed at over $500,000 closed, and just a few less homes sold this year. Let’s take a look at the year-to-date numbers:

Jan-June 2020Jan-June 2019
Median list price: $379,000$395,000
Median sales price: $378,000$389,807
No. of homes sold: 119154
Days on market: 1028

Home values are down 3% compared to 2019. Note, however, during the first half of 20919 there were seven $1million+ homes that closed; this year just one so far. Also, 22% fewer homes sold but I think that’s because of COVID 19. Many sellers decided to delay, or not list during the usually busy spring season. We are seeing more homes hit the market now. Interest rates are so low –below 3%!–that I think sales in the $500K and under category could be very strong for the next few months.

Currently there are 30 active single family homes for sale in Brookside; 13 of those are priced over $1,000,000.

(All stats taken from Heartland MLS; deemed reliable but not guaranteed.)


New Shop “Homesong Market” Now Open in Brookside

Brookside is known for browsing…leisurely walks through the shopping district, stopping here and there to check out the unique clothing, jewelry, art and everyday necessities.  And we have a new store to tell you about today:  Homesong Market, at 6213 Oak St. 

Homesong Market, 6213 Oak St

Owner Amanda Waters is promoting not just products here, but a lifestyle:  her philosophy states that “homemaking is heartshaping” – as you create and nurture your home and family, you can realize a simpler and more sustainable lifestyle by using well made, earth friendly and natural products.  This shop is full of items you  use everyday:  laundry baskets, linens,  produce bags, candles, stylish dog collars/leashes, incense, kitchen and gardening tools and much more.  Best sellers include the baskets, Noah bells, and cleaning products.  Amanda personally knows all the brands she sources, both overseas and domestic companies. 

Amanda Waters

How did Homesong come about?  Like so many small businesses—at the dining room table!  Amanda is a blogger, and writes about homemaking.  “I’ve always had a passion about homemaking; about creating a nurturing environment for our family. “  She decided to sell some of the products she uses in her own home as readers would ask about them.  She started a website,  filling orders and shipping from the family compound (Amanda is a mother of four) and finally decided she wanted her own space.  At Homesong Market, just about all of the products on her website are on display in the store and for sale; it’s also used as a staging spot for shipping (she will ship overseas); and there is room in the back for upcoming (when possible) special events and workshops for the public on candle making, crafts for kids, whatever creative idea she comes up with!  Another unique thing about the store is all of the actual displays (tables, shelves, chairs, etc) are second hand finds and most are available for purchase. She also hosts a flea market online sale on the first Friday of every month.

Homesong Market is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10am-5pm at 6213 Oak, just south of the new Brookside Barkery location.  Stop in for a browse soon!

Brookside Sidewalk Sale/Shred Event July 9-11, 2020

Brookside sidewalk saleSupporting our local merchants is more important than ever at this time…please considering checking out the annual Brookside Sidewalk Sale this weekend!  Many shops will be offering special discounts and sales–some eateries as well–starting Thursday July 9 through Saturday July 11.  A partial list of participants include 5B&Co Candlemakers, Tuesday Morning, Lady Bye, COCO Brookside and Charlie Hooper’s. 

Also on Saturday is the annual Brookside Shred Event.  A paper shredding truck will be stationed in the parking lot behind Jalapeno’s starting at 8am.  Limit of two boxes of paper per household for shredding. 

Thank you for supporting our local businesses and remember to WEAR A MASK when shopping!

Waldo Home Sales Report-May 2020


The pandemic has not slowed down Waldo home sales or prices!  There is still a lot of demand from buyers looking in this area.  Homes are selling fast too, often with multiple offers.  Here are the stats, using the Waldo area from State Line to Holmes/Gregory to 85th St:

May 2020                                                                             May 2019

Median list price:     $269,900                                        $232,500

Median sales price:   $257,500                                       $232,500

No. of homes sold:      37                                                     40

Days on market:           5                                                       5

That’s a hefty 10.5% increase from a year ago regarding sales price; however looking at the YTD numbers will tell us more.  Overall, neighboring Brookside prices are slipping compared to a year ago but in Waldo, still on the upward trend:

Jan-May 2020                                                              Jan-May 2019

Median list price:      $219,950                                     $229,950

Median sales price:     $226,000                                   $222,897

No. of homes sold:          125                                            132

Days on market:              12                                               13

So far this year, many sellers are getting an average of 2.75% over asking price for their Waldo homes; and houses are under contract within two weeks.  Currently there are 14 single family homes for sale in Waldo, with an average list price of $339,925 and 16 days on market. One reason for the high average list price is the four brand new homes under construction on the 7700 block of Kenwood–all priced over $350K.  

(All stats taken from Heartland MLS; deemed reliable but not guaranteed.)


Armour Hills Home Sales Report-May 2020

Interesting report here neighbors, for Armour Hills homes sales last month.  Prices are down, but buyers are still offering list price-or above! Here are the details:

May 2020                                                             May 2019

Median list price:      $352,500                         Median list price:       $365,000

Median sales price:   $352,500                         Median sales price:    $359,000

No. of homes sold:       19                                 No. of homes sold:        12

Days on market:          4                                     Days on market:             8

With the list and sales price being the same–you know most sellers are getting asking price. Three homes that sold in Armour Hills last month closed at $20,000 over list price-wow!  Here are the year-to-date numbers:

Jan-May 2020                                                          Jan-May 2019

Median list price:      $349,900                             Median list price:       $357,500

Median sales price:    $342,500                          Median sales price:    $355,500

No. of homes sold:      29                                     No. of homes sold:      34

Days on market:         10                                       Days on market:         24

Values are down almost 4% compared to last year; fewer homes sold, in a shorter amount of time. Our highest closed price in 2020 is $486,000 and lowest is $260,000.  Currently there are just two homes listed in Armour Hills, with a median price of $317,475 and 80 days on market.

(All stats taken from Heartland MLS; deemed reliable but not guaranteed.)




Geo’s Cheese Now Open in Waldo

Geo's Cheese outside

Geo’s Cheese in Waldo 221 E Gregory

During these warm, humid summer nights, it’s just too hot to cook.  It’s easy to make a light meal of cheese, fresh bread, salami and wine..does that sound tasty?   One of our new neighborhood shops is ready to help—Geo’s Cheese has opened at 221 E Gregory Blvd!


Spencer WoodardOwner Spencer Woodard is a wholesaler by trade, owning Geo’s Foods.  He’s been in the cheese business for fifteen years, was born and raise in Kansas City, and lives in Waldo.  Spencer says he’s always wanted to open a gourmet cheese place in Kansas City, and after looking at a few other locations, decided on this spot at the corner of McGee and Gregory.  “The word ‘cheese’ draws so many people” he explained.  “ I always thought Kansas City needed a cheese shop.  We love the neighborhood and being here, everyone is so supportive.”

Geo's cheese display

There are SO many kinds of cheese here.  Spencer says what sets this store apart is the unique assortment, including aged cheddar from 1-15 years, and the competitive prices.  I even saw chocolate cheese displayed (!?),  cheese curds, and imported cheeses from France, Brazil, Spain and Bulgaria.  The shop is full of other goodies too:  crackers, specialty mustards and nut mixes, summer sausages, olives, salsas and jellies,  chocolate.  Within the next several weeks, Spencer plans to add wine for sale and host wine tasting events.  Geo’s Facebook page hosts special cheese cooking challenges that have become quite popular!

Geo's cheese display 2As with just about every other locally owned Brookside/Waldo retail shop, there is an emphasis on personal service here.  Chances are Spencer’s longtime friend Gary Seabaugh will greet you at the door and offer his assistance.  If you call ahead, Geo’s will put together a special gift bag of cheeses, crackers, etc you can pick up ready to go.  Or just stop in and browse—bring something special home for that last minute meal on a warm night!

Geo’s Cheese   is open Monday through Saturday, 10:30am-6pm, at the SW corner of Gregory and McGee.


Brookside Home Sales Report-May 2020

Three months into the pandemic and home sales in Brookside and Waldo are strong…for those updated homes priced under $400K.  Still, values have slipped since last year.  Let’s take a look at the specific numbers, using the main Brookside zip code of 64113:

May 2020                                                                May 2019

Median list price:     $368,000                             $424,900

Median sales price:   $371,500                            $422,500

No. of homes sold:      32                                         40

Days on market:          4                                            22

Several of the homes that closed last month were at or above list price; five homes priced over $500K sold quickly.  Still, prices were a little lower and fewer homes sold–probably because some sellers decided to stay put during the coronavirus emergency.

Checking year-to-date stats:

Jan-May 2020                                                          Jan-May 2019

Median list price:     $368,000                               $399,950

Median sales price:  $370,000                               $395,000

No. of homes sold:         92                                       123

Days on market:             13                                        34

Sellers are still getting very close to list price, even though values have dropped a bit. Homes are selling quickly after going on the market–again, those in the under $400K price range.  Currently there are 39 active listings in Brookside, with 25 homes priced over $500,000 and 13 of those over $1 million.

(All stats taken from Heartland MLS; deemed reliable but not guaranteed.)

Bike Shop Changes Owners in Waldo

I am SO glad to be back writing a blog about a new business in the Brookside/Waldo area!   There is another bike shop option in our neighborhood–offering electric bikes!

bike display

Pedego Kansas City opened in mid March, in the space of the former Family Bicycles at 7335 Broadway.  This is the second dealership for local Brookside resident Dan Cain, who has another store in Columbia MO along the Katy Trail.   Pedego is the number one brand of electric bikes in America, according to Navigant Research.

Bruce and Dan

Bruce Homstead, left and Dan Cain

When I stopped by the store recently, Dan explained that each bike is ordered, assembled and delivered to specifically fit its owner.  There are several designs:  cruisers, commuters, folding latch, fat tire, mountain and tandem–each style built to perform on a specific terrain. The shop also carries a full line of helmets, baskets/bags, and Pedego branded wear.    The bikes are powered by a line of lithium-ion batteries, with ranges of 20-70 miles per charge depending on the specific battery.  The bikes operate with pedal assist, throttle, or as a regular bike.   Each comes with a five year warranty.

Curious about riding an electric bike?  Give it a try—Pedego Kansas City offers rentals as well, starting at just $10 per hour.  There are group discounts and weekly rates.  You can also stop by the store and take a test drive in the large parking lot in front of the shop.  Dan noted that due to COVID-19, just two patrons are allowed in the shop at this time, and he regularly disinfects everything with a hospital grade disinfectant.

I also wanted to mention that long time bike repair expert Bruce Homstead is back at the shop, working on Pedego and regular bikes for repair—so feel free to bring your manually powered bike in when it needs a tune up or repairs.

Pedego Kansas City is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10am-6pm; Saturday 9-4 and Sunday 12-4. Stop in and try a new bike adventure!

Waldo Home Sales Report April 2020

Waldo home prices have been rising fast–will the pandemic slow down the market?  Prices in the Brookside/Waldo area have taken a dip, but I still see strong demand for homes in these areas.  Let’s take a look at the numbers for Waldo, using the boundaries of State Line to Holmes and Gregory to 85th:

April 2020                                                       April 2019

Median list price:     $197,500                       $227,000

Median sales price:    $208,000                    $217,750

No. of homes sold:       26                                  32

Days on market:          5                                      9

Home prices down about 4.5% compared to April of last year. However, note that sellers were getting over list price for their properties.  This may be due to bidding wars as a result of lower inventory.  Below are the year-to-date comparisons:

Jan-April 2020                                                  Jan-April 2019

Median list price:      $209,450                          $225,000

Median sales price:    $210,750                         $219,900  

No. of homes sold:       90                                        93

Days on market:           21                                        19

Year-to-date, prices have fallen just over 4%.  Currently there are eleven active single family listings in Waldo, with an average price of $279,900 and 14 days on market.

(All stats taken from Heartland MLS; deemed reliable but not guaranteed.)