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Every day I'm driving around my cherished neighborhood of Brookside (and Waldo)...observing what's going on, watching new businesses move in and out, and touring homes (I'm a Realtor with BHG Real Estate-Kansas City Homes). Starting this blog about Brookside/Waldo is a way I thought I could promote the area and spark some discussion about what's happening here...and what's going to happen. Your comments are welcome.

It’s KC Restaurant Week-Make Reservations Now!

“Where should we eat tonight?”  How often do you hear this questions?  It’s easy to fall back to those familiar locations close to home, with food and service you know. Break out of the rut!  Kansas City Restaurant Week is almost here!

restaurant week

KC Restaurant Week (January 11-20, 2019) is a citywide event, when area dining spots offer specially priced meals for lunch and dinner…and a portion of the proceeds benefit local non profit foundations.  This year, the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Kansas City is the “Community Beneficiary”, along with three “destination beneficiaries”.  Stop in for lunch ($15) or dinner ($33) at a participating restaurant and you’ll get a great meal, at a discount, while helping out those local organizations.

What I like about RW is that you can scroll through the restaurants and be inspired to try someplace new! Quite often the special menus are posted at the site.  Although I’ve listed here  the participating Brookside/Waldo eateries, get out of your comfort zone and try someplace new, like Modern Farmhouse in Lenexa, Blind Box Barbecue in Shawnee or Cafe Verona in Independence. Most of the restaurants are locally owned and operated.

This year, over 195 restaurants are participating!   That’s the largest number ever.  Last year, the event raised $427,000.  This is the most boring time of year (in my opinion) …it’s easy to gather up a group of friends and have a new dining experience together. Make reservations early…many places fill up fast!

More info and menus (as they become available) at Kansas City Restaurant Week-dates again are Jan 11-20, 2019.  Here’s the list of Brookside/Waldo places offering specials :

Aixois                                                                          Red Door Woodfired Grill

Avenues Bistro                                                          Summit Grill

Brookside Barrio                                                      Waldo Pizza

Michael Forbes Bar and Grille                                The Well

Boru Ramen Bar                                                        District Pourhouse & Kitchen

Louie’s Wine Dive                                                     Summit Grill

Thank you for supporting locally owned business and KC Restaurant Week!



2018: It Was A Good Year for Brookside/Waldo

Welcome to 2019!  I hope you are having a relaxing and healthy holiday season. Since this is the first blog of the year, I’m going to recap some 2018 highlights for the Brookside/Waldo area.  It was a successful twelve months for our neighborhood!

Brookside muralMany new businesses opened, and most of them are locally owned and operated. In the heart of Brookside along 63rd St, Sweet and Simple is a new edible cookie dough treat shop,  and LadyBye offers reasonably priced women’s  clothes and accessories for those interested in classic style.  Brookside Barrio and Brookside Poultry Company are two new popular eateries.    Brookside East continues to attract local  entrepreneurs, with the opening of Flying Horse Taproom, Chanee Vijay textiles, BKS Artisan Ales and Architexture SalonPlate plans to reopen in April at 701 E 63rd St.    Brookside also got an additional stoplight/crosswalk on 63rd by the new Starbucks, and everyone loves the new large wall mural celebrating Brookside on the north side of the CVS building.   Unfortunately, we had a couple of store closings:  Sheehan’s Irish Imports on Gregory *due to owner retiring) and Shop Beautiful will close this month as the owners focus on the Overland Park location.

There were several changes in the Waldo area as well:  Euston Hardware remodeled; Dodson’s Bar and Commons opened on Wornall just north of 75th St and Classic Cookie opened for evening dining with an Italian themed menu.  The never ending road construction along Wornall is at a temporary halt but not for long…expansive (and much needed changes) are planned for the 75th and Wornall intersection to make it more pedestrian friendly.  Next year will also see the renovation of the “Wornall Village” shopping area at the northwest corner of 85th and Wornall, starting with a revamped Price Chopper.

frontA wonderful community asset opened in 2018:  HJ’s Youth and Community Center, across from St Andrew’s church.  This space is used for community events, private receptions, classes, meetings and hosts a  small coffee shop open to everyone.  It also features a large lawn on the east side for outdoor movie nights, plus a doggie and human water station!

And what about home values?  That’s an interesting story as well.  Waldo is beating out Brookside in terms of rising home prices:  as of the end of November, Waldo home values were up 15% and Brookside saw a 3% increase.  I will report on twelve month figures later in the month when the stats are ready.  Brookside and Waldo are still very desirable locations for homebuyers.

I’m not going to make any firm predictions about this year…but I will say…. Brookside is celebrating it’s 100 year anniversary as a shopping/services/residential neighborhood.  I think both Brookside and Waldo will continue to attract local businesses and  homebuyers of all ages as we head into century 2!

Waldo Home Sales Report – Nov 2018

Waldo has such a large range of home pricing…I think that’s one reason it continues to be a popular location for buyers.  Prices are way up compared to last year. Here are the single family home sales stats for Waldo last month, using the boundaries of State Line to Holmes and Gregory to 85th St.

November 2018                                            November 2017

Median list price:      $212,500                   Median list price:     $174,950

Median sales price:   $208,250                  Median sales price:   $176,500

No. of homes sold:       26                            No. of homes sold:      32

Days on market:         38                             Days on market:        6

The lowest closed sale last month was $128,300 and the highest was $385,000.  Now let’s look at YTD comparisons:

Jan-Nov 2018                                                 Jan-Nov 2017

Median list price:     $200,000                    Median list price:     $179,900

Median sales price:    $208,000                  Median sales price:    $180,000

No. of homes sold:        363                         No. of homes sold:       369

Days on market:          19                              Days on market:         12

Home prices are up 15% over last year in Waldo, and as you can see, many houses are selling at or above the list price.  Currently there are 30 active listings, with a median sales price of $217,475 and 53 days on market.  Homes range in price from $64,900 to $375,000.

(All stats taken from Heartland MLS; deemed reliable but not guaranteed.)

Armour Hills Home Sales Stats-Nov 2018

Armour Hills homes sales are steady…and so are prices, looking at year-to-year comparison.  First up–here are November 2018 stats for the Armour Hills subdivision of Brookside:

November  2018                                                          November 2017

Median list price:     $304,475                                    Median list price:     $346,000

Median sales price:    $309,100                                  Median sales price:    $341,250

No. of homes sold:        4                                             No. of homes sold:     4

Days on market:           7                                              Days on market:     27

Although the sales prices were way down from last November, not to worry–more expensive homes sold a year ago and three of the four homes that closed were at or over list price.  Take a look at the overall YTD numbers below:

Jan-Nov 2018                                                       Jan-Nov 2017

Median list price:     $315,000                         Median list price:     $315,000

Median sales price:  $315,000                         Median sales price:  $314,000

No. of homes sold:     76                                   No. of homes sold:     89

Days on market:        9                                        Days on market:       9

The numbers are remarkably the same from one year ago, except that homes have been going under contract faster this year.  Currently there are eleven homes for sale in Armour Hills, with a median list price of $374,999 and 78 days on market. Prices range from $287,500 to $525,000.

(All stats taken from Heartland MLS; deemed reliable but not guaranteed.)

Brookside Home Sales Stats-Nov 2018

Homebuyers are hibernating during the holiday season! It’s the traditional slow period–now through January.  However, home values are up in Brookside compared to last year. Here are the stats for single family home sales in the Brookside zip code of 64113 for last month:

Nov 2018                                                             Nov 2017

Medium list price:     $418,000                       Medium list price:     $409,000

Medium sales price:   $415,000                      Medium sales price:  $405,000

No. of homes sold:      15                                No. of homes sold:      17

Days on market:       17                                   Days on market:         26

The number of homes closed was about the same, and homes went under contract faster. The lowest sales price was $257,000 and the highest was $1.57 million.

Here are YTD figures:

Jan-Nov 2018                                                    Jan-Nov 2017

Median list price:     $402,500                     Median list price:     $389,500

Median sales price:   $396,000                    Median sales price:    $383,800

No. of homes sold:     260                            No. of homes sold:     269

Days on  market:       15                               Days on market:       19

Prices are up just over 3%  year-to-date.  Currently there are 48 active listings in Brookside, with a median list price of $422,500 and 70 days on market.  Over half of the homes for sale are priced over $400,000.

(All stats taken from Heartland MLS; deemed reliable but not guaranteed.)


Kristkindl Markt in Brookside This Weekend

Get into the holiday spirit this weekend…with a German influence!  The annual Kristkindl Markt is happening Dec 7 and 8, 2018 at the Kansas City United Church of Christ in Armour Hills.

gingerbread housesThis event is pretty much like stepping into a little German village…there’s a Biergarten, authentic German food, live music, vendors selling homemade crafts and of course–the gingerbread house making for kids.  Hours are Friday 5-9pm and Saturday 10-7pm at 205 W 65th St at Brookside Road.

The church is located in a residential area, so streets are narrow and there is no parking lot.  Please be aware and park a few blocks away, plan on walking to the site and watch for pedestrians!


New Wall Mural in Brookside!

Brookside mural

Have you noticed the new outdoor wall mural in Brookside??  It perfectly captures the friendly, welcoming spirit of our neighborhood.

First Washington Realty, the company that owns the commercial real estate on the north side of 63rd St between Wornall and Brookside Blvd, commissioned the work by Ruthie Ozonoff.  The mural was created is in conjunction with the 100 year anniversary of our neighborhood shops.  The postcard format is ideal for photos, and I especially like the Brookside gas lamp as the ‘stamp’ in the upper right corner–one of Brookside’s most distinctive features. 

Ruthie is from Kansas City and grew up in Brookside.  When she was ten years old, her family moved to Lawrence to be closer to family.  Ruthie went to KU, studying illustration and animation.  She created a few murals in the Kansas City area that you may have seen:  the “Kansas City I’m So In Love” mural at 2010 McGee and the “Where Kansas City Plays” mural, commissioned by KC Parks and Rec, in the West Bottoms.  First Washington saw her work on Etsy and contacted her about the Brookside piece. It was Ruthie’s idea to use a postcard template. 

ruthie ozonoff

Ruthie Ozonoff

Ruthie started painting at the beginning of November, and it took about two weeks to complete the project—delayed mostly by weather.  It’s located on the north facing wall, north of  CVS (6244 Brookside Blvd) —right by the alley that goes behind the shops.  You can easily see the mural driving south on Brookside Blvd just before 63rd St.  “Doing this mural was  an honor.  Growing up, I wanted to make people happy with my artwork—and it feels great to give back to my historic hometown community.”

You can find Ruthie’s work on her Facebook and Etsy pages, or check it out on Instagram-@designedbyruthie.  She’s currently living in Colorado, working as a freelance designer and a personal trainer/coach.  She says “After sitting at the computer for several hours working on illustrations and graphic design, I like to go to the gym and work out; shake off the pent up energy!”

The next time you are stopping in near the shops–perhaps for a Roasterie coffee or to pick up a few holiday gifts–look for the mural.  And thanks to First Washington Realty for bringing this artwork to Brookside for all to enjoy!