Brookside Home Sales Report-Feb 2017

Home sales typically start off slow every year..there isn’t much inventory, winter weather keeps people inside and motivated sellers are getting their houses primped and ready to list in the warmer months.  Still, prices are up for those homes that are selling. Here is the February 2017 Brookside single family home sales report, using stats from zip code 64113:

February 2017

Median list price:        $421,250

Median sales price:    $402,000

Number of homes sold:    14

Days on market:               43

The lowest closed price was $205,000 and the highest was $1.225 million.  Most of the homes sold were over $400K.

February 2016

Median list price:        $409,000

Median sales price:    $399,000

Number of homes sold:   15

Days on market:               89

Checking year-to-date figures:

Jan-Feb 2017

Median list price:        $399,000

Median sales price:    $393,461

Number of homes sold:   27

Days on market:               43

Jan-Feb 2016

Median list price:         $389,950

Median sales price:     $382,000

Number of homes sold:    23

Days on market:                 57

So far, median prices are up 3% over last year and homes are selling faster. There is still very strong demand for Brookside homes, especially those priced between $250-$400K.  Currently there are 28 single family homes for sale in Brookside, with a median list price of $797,500 and 60 days on market.  Twenty one of these homes are priced over $500K; eight of those are over $1million.  These stats show the demand is for homes priced under $500K–more expensive homes sit on the market longer.

(All stats taken from Heartland MLS; deemed reliable but not guaranteed.)

Brookside St Pat’s Parade Sat March 18, 2017

st patsTomorrow is the day for the 37th Annual Brookside St Patrick’s Day Warm Up Parade!  Rescheduled from last week (due to weather), the forecast for tomorrow is for a high around 60 degrees–much better!

The parade begins at 2pm at 65th St and Wornall Road, and continues along Meyer, Main and Brookside Road.  It should end around 4pm. The complete route is at  Expect street closures to start in early afternoon. 

Please be extra aware of pedestrians, bicycles, scooters, and heavy auto parking on the residential streets around the parade route.  Enjoy this family friendly event and thank you for supporting our locally owned Brookside businesses and services!

Centered Spirit-Now Open in Waldo


With all the current chatter about health insurance, premiums, who’s covered, rising costs–it can be just another source of stress to our already fast paced lives. If you want to investigate a different style of taking care of your mind and physical body, consider a visit to Centered Spirit, a new Cultural and Holistic Center in Waldo.

massage roomCentered Spirit believes in “the body’s innate wisdom and natural ability to find health and achieve balance”. Alex Jackson has been practicing traditional Mayan medicine for fourteen years, first in a Brookside office location. He and his wife Emilie opened Centered Spirit in January 2017. Alex works with patients regarding digestive disorders, muscle pains, anxiety, female health issues, depleted energy and offers several types of traditional therapies, such as Maya Abdominal Massage, cupping, holistic counseling, acupuncture and herbal remedies.  Alex explains that “different life events can trigger physical changes in your body as well as emotional stress.”  He takes the time to “assess, connect and heal” with the goal of solutions that will work for each unique person for the long term.


Their expanded facility at 8131 Wornall has four treatment rooms plus an infrared sauna as well as a larger community area for classes and teaching. To celebrate Emilie’s native country of France, they have opened a French tea room in the building which Emilie operates, featuring several imported teas from France (also sold by the ounce). Emilie recently wrote about the health benefits of tea for Evolving in Kansas City.   Both Alex and Emilie love promoting different cultures — they have travelled extensively to places like Belize, Mexico and Guatemala. Artwork they have purchased while roaming the Earth hangs throughout the building, and the couple loves sharing their passion for other cultures through food, art and healing traditions.  Centered Spirit also offers workshops for the public; the next one is April 1-2, 2017 titled “Life On Purpose”.

a and e


Centered Spirit is located at 8131 Wornall–that is the southeast corner of 81st Terrace and Wornall. If you would like to find out more about their services–stop by for a cup of tea! Or contact Alex Jackson at 816 225 9393. The Centered Spirit blog, with their event listings, is posted at

Armour Hills Home Sales Report-Jan 2017

Armour Hills was a hot location for homebuyers in 2016: many sellers got close to asking price; some homes had bidding wars!  Median prices were up almost 3% over 2015.  I think 2017 will be a strong sales year for our neighborhood as well.  Let’s check the January 2017 sales for Armour Hills in the Brookside area of Kansas City:

January 2017

Number of homes sold:        4

Median list price:                  $329,475

Median sales price:               $327,500

Average days on market:         18

January 2016

Number of homes sold:         2

Median list price:                    $264,475

Median sales price:                 $269,155

Average days on market:          39

More expensive homes closed last month, pushing the median price higher.  Although only two homes sold in Jan 2016, one of them went for $12,555 over the asking price–so the median sales price is way higher than list price.

Currently there are just two homes for sale in Armour hills, with a median price of $315,000.

(All stats taken from Heartland MLS; deemed reliable but not guaranteed.)

Brookside Home Sales Report – Jan 2017

It’s a new year for home sales and already–there is a lot of demand but not enough moderately priced inventory.  This will be a short blog as there is no need to check  year-to-date figures…since we just finished up January!

Here is the January 2017 single family home sales report for the Brookside zip code of 64113:

January 2017:

Number of homes sold:      13

Median list price:                 $395,000

Median sales price:              $388,500

Average days on market:        36

January 2016:

Number of homes sold:         8

Median list price:                  $369,500

Median sales price:               $367,500

Average days on market:        25

It looks like a significant jump in the median sales price compared to Jan 2016, however last year the highest sales were in the $440s; this year there was a $1.175 million sale plus two others in the $600s that skews the prices up for the month.  The lowest closed sales price last month was $201,000.  Note almost twice as many homes closed in January this year–high demand for our neighborhood!

Interesting to also note that 13 homes were listed in January; seven of them were priced at $400K or less and they all went under contract within a few days.  The demand is very high for $200-$400K homes.

Currently there are 32 single family homes for sale in Brookside, with a median price of $690,000 and 91 days on market. The lowest list price is $277,000 and the highest is $2.9 million.  Twenty-five of the 32 are listed over $400K, and ten of those are over $1 million.  So you can see why the median price is so high–the more expensive homes sit on the market longer. 

(All stats taken from Heartland MLS: deemed reliable but not guaranteed.)



Authentic French Bakery Opens in Waldo



Attention all fans of authentic French breads and pastries….we now have a local resource for freshly baked croissants, baguettes, macaroons and puff pastry!  Cecile Rocher recently opened Gabrianna, A French Bakery, based in her home in Rockhill Gardens.  After reading this blog, you will be ready to call and make an order!




Some background on the baker:  Cecile, from Brest, a town in Brittany in the NW part of France, was a teacher and had the itch to travel.   Working through the French government, she got a teaching job in New Orleans.  It was there she met her future husband, Thomas.  Together they moved for jobs to Washington DC.  After having twins, the family  wanted to move back to Kansas City, her husband’s home town, to be close to relatives.   Cecile has been baking since she was ten years old (she was in charge of dessert) and decided to open Gabrianna after purchasing their home in Brookside.  As she explained to me:  “In our family, we love food.  We love it for the taste and conviviality.  When I was young we would all eat together and talk about the day.  My parents and sister –we still talk about food when we speak on the phone!” 

Gabrianna opened in December and word is spreading fast  about the delicious, truly home made treats Cecile bakes.   In addition to croissants, macaroons, quiche and baguettes, Cecile makes sweet and savory puff pastry, cookies, tarts, brownies and sandwiches, plus there are some gluten free options.  Prices are very reasonable; for example, a croissant is $2 and a baguette is $3.   She will accept small orders for just a few items or cater a special luncheon or event…and she offers delivery to certain area locations.   If you check her Facebook page regularly, often she will mention she has a few goodies left at the end of the day for you can swing by and pick up a couple of fresh croissants or a baguette to enjoy that same evening.  If you do plan to make an order, Cecile requests at least a 24-48 hour notice.

Cecile absolutely loves her baking business, and her enthusiasm is infectious.  As we were talking, she often mentioned her love of baking and sharing her love of food with new people.  Try Gabrianna, A French Bakery soon and indulge in some delicious, authentic French pastries!  You can reach Cecile through her Facebook page or at 504 638 4929.  Thank you for supporting Brookside/Waldo locally owned businesses!


Brookside’s Natural Juice Shop


Simple Science Juices in Brookside


Simple Science Juices opened in Brookside last July…and I just discovered it a month or so ago! I think this spot hosted a custom tee shirt shop many months ago. Natural, organic juice shops are as hot as craft breweries in Kansas City—now our Brookside core shopping strip has one.



juice-coolerThis is the third location for Simple Science Juices; the other two are in the Crossroads district and  Overland Park. You may have seen their products sold at the Farmers Markets in Brookside and OP. These cold pressed juices (8 oz and 16 oz) are  created at an Overland Park kitchen, made fresh each day. All are gluten, soy and dairy free. The stores also feature smoothies, cold coffee beverages, paleo bites, and some salads and entrees: pad thai, salmon and quinoa, roasted veggie salad (a best seller) plus bars and snacks. I tried the 8 oz ($5) Fiber dragon fruit smoothie, and it was delicious. Complete descriptions of all items are found on the website.


Simple Science Juices was founded by Steve Spangler, who had a soccer career with Sporting Kansas City. He was fighting several ailments through traditional medications that were only treating symptoms, not the cause of his problems. A change in lifestyle that included drinking cold pressed juices, enabled him to eliminate meds and become much healthier, as he focused on natural foods and vitamins for his body. One phrase printed on their marketing materials emphasizes this change: “Let food be thy medicine, let medicine by thy food”.




Simple Science Juices is open at 112 W 63rd St Monday through Saturday from 7am-7pm and Sunday from 10am-6pm. There is seating in the shop and parking in back and on the street. Simple Science Juices also offers home delivery of their products through a subscription service.