Brookside Farmers’ Market Opens Saturday

farmerAnother sign of Spring!  The Brookside Farmers’ Market opens this weekend, Saturday April 14, 2018 for the season.  Location is the same:  southeast corner of 63rd and Wornall, at Border Star elementary school.  

There are many farmers’ markets in the metro area; what makes this one a bit different is that all vendors live within 100 miles of the market and the goods they sell are “organic and sustainable”.  Besides fresh herbs, vegetables and flowers, there are various meats for sale, baked goods, snacks, and some vegan/gluten free items.  The market accepts KS Vision and MO SNAP forms of payment.  It’s helpful if you bring your own bag to the market!

With the crazy weather we’ve had, there may not be an abundance of fresh produce on opening day. However, there is always something tasty to purchase!

Thank you for supporting our local Brookside Farmers’ Market. Hours are 8am-1pm every Saturday through October.


Major Construction Work Planned for 75th and Wornall Area

Waldo tower

Wonderful Waldo!

Wornall Road in the heart of Waldo seems to be a never ending construction site, and will continue that way for the next few years.  Here’s a summary of what’s going on:

*This week, contractors will start drilling around 75th and Wornall.  The work is related to the bigger (and much needed) 75th/Wornall improvement project.  There will be lane closures on both sides of Wornall from approximately 74th to 79th St area for several days.

*The 75th/Wornall improvement project involves a redesign of the parking lot in front of Waldo Pizza; creating a new Trolley Track extension (dedicated path) outside that lot; updated sidewalks, crosswalks and lighting;  plus installation of islands to slow down traffic at that congested intersection. Major work on this project is slated to start early next year and finish in late 2020. 

*The “sewer separation project” is underway along W 77th and W 85th, Grand and Summit Streets, bringing new storm and sanitary lines underground and some sewer line rehab.  This project is ongoing through 2019.

*The “Smart Sewer Project” involves water main line replacement along 75th St from Holmes to State Line, beginning in mid 2019 through 2020.

Our tax dollars at work!  Yes, it is challenging to drive, bike or walk around road closures in these areas however, all of this work is so necessary.  I’m especially excited about the 75th/Wornall improvements as that is such a congested intersection. It is the ‘front door’ of Waldo! After the project is completed,  the area will look much more inviting to pedestrians and help traffic flow better.

Please be courteous and aware of construction workers in the area as they work to make our neighborhood better for all!  Have a positive attitude, focusing on the outcome rather than the temporary inconvenience.

To keep up on details of these projects, check this webpage for updates:

Armour Hills Home Sales Stats-Feb 2018

The numbers for these stats are …very unusual !  I double checked all of the figures.  You’ll see the numbers prices are identical–what are the chances of that?  Here are the February and YTD figures for the Armour Hills subdivision in Brookside:

February 2018                                                                  February 2017

Median list price:     $299,000                                      Median list price:     $314,500

Median sales price:  $299,000                                     Median sales price:   $314,500

No. of homes sold:         5                                              No. of homes sold:        5

Days on market:            5                                               Days on market:            38

Last month, three of the five homes sold at or over list price.  It’s definitely a sellers’ market in Armour Hills.  Here are year-to-date figures:

Jan-Feb 2018                                                              Jan-Feb 2017

Median list price:    $299,000                                 Median list price:       $314,500

Median sales price:  $299,000                               Median sales price:     $314,500

No. of homes sold:    9                                            No. of homes sold:       9

Days on market:        5                                            Days on market:          36

For some fluke reason, the median list and sales prices are exactly the same each month comparing the dates.  That’s consistency!

Currently there are seven homes for sale in Armour Hills, with a median price of $348,000 and 12 days on market.

(All figures taken from Heartland MLS; deemed reliable but not guaranteed.)


Waldo Home Sales Report-Feb 2018

Waldo is again in high demand for home buyers–final sales prices are (at times) thousands of dollars over the list price.  Here are the Feb 2018 single family home sales stats for Waldo, using the area of State Line to Holmes and Gregory to 85th St:

February 2018                                                               February 2017

Median list price:      $149,950                                  Median list price:      $192,950

Median sales price:   $160,000                                 Median sales price:   $180,000

No. of homes sold:          27                                       No. of homes sold:      26

Days on market:              24                                        Days on market:         31

Look at that median sales price, $11K over list price!   Last month there was a one bedroom, one bath home listed at $90K and sold for $110K–$20,000 over asking price for a one bedroom home!  I really feel for the buyers, who get so discouraged losing out in bidding wars.  More inventory will open up over the next three months.

Here are year-to-date stats:

Jan-Feb 2018                                                                    Jan-Feb 2017

Median list price:     $161,250                                    Median list price:      $171,350

Median sales price:  $161,500                                    Median sales price:   $168,375

No. of homes sold:        46                                           No. of homes sold:       52

Days on market:            23                                           Days on market:           31

So far this year sellers are getting at least asking price; many times more than that.  I think many of these lower price range buyers realize–rents are going way up, why pay someone else’s mortgage when you can buy and have a house payment similar to rent? The challenge is finding a well maintained, updated home with a lower budget.  It will be another strong year for Waldo home sales!

Currently there are 16 active listings, with a median price of $218,500 and 6 days on market.

(All stats taken from Heartland MLS; deemed reliable but not guaranteed.)

Brookside Home Sales Stats-Feb 2018

It’s early in the year, however home buyers are out shopping–traffic during open houses is very heavy!  There still isn’t very much inventory in the highly sought after $200-$350K price range — and those that do pop on go under contract almost immediately.  Here are the February 2018 single family home sales stats for Brookside, using zip code 64113.

February 2018                                                       February 2017

Median List Price:    $349,950                           Median List Price:      $421,250

Median Sales Price:  $320,000                          Median Sales Price:   $402,000

No. of homes sold:        11                                  No. of homes sold:        14

Days on market:            9                                    Days on market:             43

Although the median sales price was much lower than last year, consider that in Feb 2017, more expensive homes sold, including a $1.2 million dollar property.  Here are year-to-date figures:

Jan-Feb 2018                                                               Jan-Feb 2017

Median List Price:     $399,900                              Median List Price:       $399,000

Median Sales Price:   $376,000                             Median Sales Price      $393,461

No. of homes sold:          27                                    No. of homes sold:         27

Days on market:             9                                       Days on market:             43

The highest sales we’ve had so far this year is $1.7 million in January.

Currently there are 32 homes listed in 64113, with a median sales price of $469,750 and 25 days on market. The lowest priced home is $259,950 and the highest is $2,890,000.  Just one half of the homes listed are under $450,000.  

(All figures taken from Heartland MLS; deemed reliable but not guaranteed.)

Street Work Along Wornall–Never Ending!

Last November I wrote a blog post about lane closures along Wornall, south of 75th St, due to gas lines being replaced.

Surprise!  Still happening this year!

I spoke with Mario Vasquez from the KCMO Public Works department recently–he explained that Spire Energy is still working on installing a new gas main line along Wornall.  The work will continue for the next few weeks as the company is also doing the roadway patching after the new line is in place.  

In addition to this work, there was a water main break recently at 7814 Wornall so the water department had to repair the leak and patch up the holes.  That break added to the street closures.

There is so much going on along the stretch of Wornall from 75th to 85th Streets that KCMO has created a new page on their website to keep the public updated:

Expect lane closures for the next several weeks and…just plan on taking an alternate route if possible to save yourself some traffic hassles!

Wornall and 85th Shopping Area Slated for Renovation

Today’s blog will tell you about the planned renovation changes for the northwest corner of 85th and Wornall in Waldo—where the Price Chopper is located.  This shopping area (“Wornall Village Shopping Center”) has been looking a bit shabby and run down over the years, and I’m excited share the news about the renovation!

price chapper

truck entranceThe Tutera Group, along with Nolte and Associates are planning to refresh this strip mall and hope to make it more pedestrian friendly.  The biggest change sounds like it will be the remodeled Price Chopper store—a total inside renovation, plus moving the truck delivery area to the northwest corner of the building.  The entire front of the building will have new lettering, colors, masonry and framing.  New sidewalks will be installed along Wornall and W 84th St.   The Tutera Group wants to attract more retail businesses and ‘a better tenant mix’ for this area…hopefully some locally owned shops and restaurants.

strip mall


Now that the plans are drawn up, the next step is working with KCMO on the permit process and other details; if all runs according to plan, work will start in the fall of this year and be completed in Spring 2019.  According to the developers, this project is a ten million dollar investment for Waldo—and will definitely make this corner more attractive to residents and shoppers.  Price Chopper plans to remain open during the renovation.