Brookside Home Sales Report-March 2019

Spring is finally here!  You have probably noticed more and more ‘for sale’ signs popping up in your neighborhood.  More homes should close every month for the next 3=6 months; but checking the stats, Brookside home values are behind in 2019.  Let’s look at the numbers, using the main Brookside zip code of 64113:

March 2019                                                     March 2018

Median list price:     $399,950                      Median list price:    $429,000

Median sales price:  $380,000                     Median sales price:  394,000

No. of homes sold:      29                              No. of homes sold:      23

Days on market:          68                              Days on market:         14

The lowest closed price last month was $241,000 and the highest was $1.1 million.  More homes sold, but many of them sat on the market longer than the previous year.

Checking year-to-date numbers:

Jan-March 2019                                                    Jan-March 2018

Median list price:     $382,000                            Median list price:     $387,450

Median sales price:   $368,375                           Median sales price:  $373,000

No. of homes sold:       52                                    No. of homes sold:     52

Days on market:          75                                    Days on market:        25

Closed sales prices dropped 1.2% YTD compared to 2018.  That’s not a huge hit. However, prices have been rising the past few years (2016 was $382,000; 2017 was $394,230) during the same period.  Possible reasons could include the harsh winter we had this year, keeping buyers out of the market until later, and houses that don’t sell right away often reduce the price as the weeks go on with no offers.  A better picture will emerge as I report the stats for the very busy April/May/June home closings.

Currently there are 48 active single family home listings in Brookside, ranging in price from $224,000 to just shy of $4 million. The median list price is $399,950 and 38 days on market. 



Want To Buy A Brookside House? What To Know – Part Two

Main St porch

Everyone loves a Brookside front porch!

For today’s blog, let’s talk about the typical exterior and interior features of Brookside homes.  Even though these homes were built in the first few decades of the 1900s, they never seem to go out of style.  Interiors can be renovated and stripped of the original charm (ouch!) —but  newly built homes rarely match the strong durable materials used on the outside in the 1920s.  (There’s a reason you rarely see new homes built with brick–very expensive!) But like any house, both inside and outside need maintenance.  One of the attractions of our neighborhood is the various styles and details you see from block to block–it’s not a cookie cutter area where most homes look the same. 

Here’s a short list of the many exterior features of Brookside single family homes:

*Built with brick, stucco, and/or stone, sometimes accented with wood

*Steep peaked roofs (especially in the Tudor style)

*Wide, welcoming front porch

*Detached garage, or basement garage (some have attached garages)

*Sometimes a shared or easement driveway

*Tall trees on the lot with wide trunks, roots can push up sidewalks.

Walking around the inside of the house, you may find: 

*Hardwood floors

*Detailed crown moldings

*Arched doorways, small breakfast nooks, large dining rooms

*Original windows, sometimes with leaded and/or stained glass

*Smaller kitchen

*Fireplace, sometimes with elaborate stonework 

*Stone foundation basement

*Smaller backyard area

*Knob and tube electrical wiring (may be inactive)

*Leaky basements

*Uneven/sloping floors

*Small closets

*Laundry hookups in basement

Finally, here are common floorplans in Brookside:

*Two Story –all bedrooms on the second floor

*Bungalow—two bedrooms on first floor; one or two bedrooms on the second floor

*Ranch—all bedrooms and living space on main level

Because Brookside offers so many different styles of homes, often on the same block,  get familiar what’s offered and how it suits your lifestyle.  For example, if you prefer a smaller home and don’t cook much—a bungalow with a galley might fit your needs.  The two story floorplan typically has a larger kitchen and more living space on that main level due to all bedrooms on the second floor.  Take note of the way the home flows as you walk through–how does it make you feel?  Which floorplan best suits your furniture?  Some of these smaller bedrooms will not handle a king size bed!

Thanks for reading my blog — your suggestions are welcome regarding what topics to cover!

Armour Hills front porch

A front porch in the Armour HIlls subdivision of Brookside

Armour Hills Home Sale Report-Feb 2018

Are we headed for a slowdown in the housing market this year?  So far, not in the Brookside/Waldo area.  And in my neighborhood of Armour Hills, homes are still moving quickly although fewer are selling–so far. Here are the home sales stats for last month:

Feb 2019                                                                    Feb 2018

Median list price:     $362,499                               Median list price:     $306,950

Median sales price:  $352,500                               Median sales price:  $304,500

No. of homes sold:    4                                            No. of homes sold:       6

Days on market:       87                                           Days on market:          3

That median sales price was quite a jump from last February, however three of the four homes that closed last month were over $350,000.  Here are the YTD figures:

Jan-Feb 2019                                                                Jan-Feb 2018

Median list price:     $324,975                                   Median list price:     $299,500

Median sales price:  $321,000                                  Median sales price:   $299,500

No. of homes sold:     6                                              No. of homes sold:      10

Days on market:        84                                             Days on market:          4

Home values are up 7% compared to last year.  Currently there are six homes listing in Armour Hills, with a median price of $339,925 and 21 days on market.  

(All stats taken from Heartland MLS; deemed reliable but not guaranteed.)

2019 Waldo Week Starts Tomorrow 2/22



Wonderful Waldo earns it’s name due to several reasons; one of them is the friendly, service oriented, locally owned shops and services available to neighbors and visitors.  Celebrate Waldo Week, beginning tomorrow Feb 22, through Thurs Feb 28, 2019 and get 25% off select merchandise and services.  Here’s a list of which places are participating so far:

Bier Station                                               9Round Waldo

Lew’s Bar and Grill                                  Hiles Two

The Well                                                     Mike’s Wine and Spirits

One More Cup

Betty Rae’s Ice Cream                               Eclectics

Family Bicycles                                         Centered Spirit/Emilie’s French Teas

Louie’s Wine Dive

Remember, you must mention Waldo Week to get the discount!  A complete list of businesses participating is at   And if you want to get out tonight..all are welcome to the kick-off party from 5-8pm at Bier Station.  Thank you for supporting our locally owned businesses in Waldo and Brookside!

2018: It Was A Good Year for Brookside/Waldo

Welcome to 2019!  I hope you are having a relaxing and healthy holiday season. Since this is the first blog of the year, I’m going to recap some 2018 highlights for the Brookside/Waldo area.  It was a successful twelve months for our neighborhood!

Brookside muralMany new businesses opened, and most of them are locally owned and operated. In the heart of Brookside along 63rd St, Sweet and Simple is a new edible cookie dough treat shop,  and LadyBye offers reasonably priced women’s  clothes and accessories for those interested in classic style.  Brookside Barrio and Brookside Poultry Company are two new popular eateries.    Brookside East continues to attract local  entrepreneurs, with the opening of Flying Horse Taproom, Chanee Vijay textiles, BKS Artisan Ales and Architexture SalonPlate plans to reopen in April at 701 E 63rd St.    Brookside also got an additional stoplight/crosswalk on 63rd by the new Starbucks, and everyone loves the new large wall mural celebrating Brookside on the north side of the CVS building.   Unfortunately, we had a couple of store closings:  Sheehan’s Irish Imports on Gregory *due to owner retiring) and Shop Beautiful will close this month as the owners focus on the Overland Park location.

There were several changes in the Waldo area as well:  Euston Hardware remodeled; Dodson’s Bar and Commons opened on Wornall just north of 75th St and Classic Cookie opened for evening dining with an Italian themed menu.  The never ending road construction along Wornall is at a temporary halt but not for long…expansive (and much needed changes) are planned for the 75th and Wornall intersection to make it more pedestrian friendly.  Next year will also see the renovation of the “Wornall Village” shopping area at the northwest corner of 85th and Wornall, starting with a revamped Price Chopper.

frontA wonderful community asset opened in 2018:  HJ’s Youth and Community Center, across from St Andrew’s church.  This space is used for community events, private receptions, classes, meetings and hosts a  small coffee shop open to everyone.  It also features a large lawn on the east side for outdoor movie nights, plus a doggie and human water station!

And what about home values?  That’s an interesting story as well.  Waldo is beating out Brookside in terms of rising home prices:  as of the end of November, Waldo home values were up 15% and Brookside saw a 3% increase.  I will report on twelve month figures later in the month when the stats are ready.  Brookside and Waldo are still very desirable locations for homebuyers.

I’m not going to make any firm predictions about this year…but I will say…. Brookside is celebrating it’s 100 year anniversary as a shopping/services/residential neighborhood.  I think both Brookside and Waldo will continue to attract local businesses and  homebuyers of all ages as we head into century 2!

New Wall Mural in Brookside!

Brookside mural

Have you noticed the new outdoor wall mural in Brookside??  It perfectly captures the friendly, welcoming spirit of our neighborhood.

First Washington Realty, the company that owns the commercial real estate on the north side of 63rd St between Wornall and Brookside Blvd, commissioned the work by Ruthie Ozonoff.  The mural was created is in conjunction with the 100 year anniversary of our neighborhood shops.  The postcard format is ideal for photos, and I especially like the Brookside gas lamp as the ‘stamp’ in the upper right corner–one of Brookside’s most distinctive features. 

Ruthie is from Kansas City and grew up in Brookside.  When she was ten years old, her family moved to Lawrence to be closer to family.  Ruthie went to KU, studying illustration and animation.  She created a few murals in the Kansas City area that you may have seen:  the “Kansas City I’m So In Love” mural at 2010 McGee and the “Where Kansas City Plays” mural, commissioned by KC Parks and Rec, in the West Bottoms.  First Washington saw her work on Etsy and contacted her about the Brookside piece. It was Ruthie’s idea to use a postcard template. 

ruthie ozonoff

Ruthie Ozonoff

Ruthie started painting at the beginning of November, and it took about two weeks to complete the project—delayed mostly by weather.  It’s located on the north facing wall, north of  CVS (6244 Brookside Blvd) —right by the alley that goes behind the shops.  You can easily see the mural driving south on Brookside Blvd just before 63rd St.  “Doing this mural was  an honor.  Growing up, I wanted to make people happy with my artwork—and it feels great to give back to my historic hometown community.”

You can find Ruthie’s work on her Facebook and Etsy pages, or check it out on Instagram-@designedbyruthie.  She’s currently living in Colorado, working as a freelance designer and a personal trainer/coach.  She says “After sitting at the computer for several hours working on illustrations and graphic design, I like to go to the gym and work out; shake off the pent up energy!”

The next time you are stopping in near the shops–perhaps for a Roasterie coffee or to pick up a few holiday gifts–look for the mural.  And thanks to First Washington Realty for bringing this artwork to Brookside for all to enjoy!

Dodson’s Bar Opens in Waldo

door d

Looking for a new place to meet friends for a drink during this holiday season?  Try Waldo’s newest bar, Dodson’s Bar and Commons at 7438 Wornall.  I stopped by last week to check it out and chat with “’smooth operator and Assistant General Manager” Eric Jones.



lounge d

Dodson’s opened on September 12, site of the former Waldo Bar.  It has a relaxed feel, with plenty of table and lounge seating.   TVs line the walls, there’s a shuffleboard and Nintendo game, and the modern lighting isn’t  too bright.  The long bar offers 75% local and regional beers, plus several classic cocktails.  Besides the traditional Old Fashioned and Moscow Mule, many patrons try the Suffering Bastard—invented in the 1940s as a hangover cure says Eric—with gin, bourbon, lemon juice, ginger beer and bitters.  During the colder winter months, Eric plans to  add a hot toddy featuring Waldo honey.

Eric D

Dodson’s isn’t offering food just yet, but they do have happy hour every day from 4-7pm: all draft beers are $3 and house cocktails are $5.  Dodson’s is probably open when you are ready for a beverage and some good conversation—hours are every day from 4pm to 3am.  Parking is in the back of the building—the back entrance is hidden by a wooden fence so remember to walk through the alley to slip in the rear door. The front entrance is just north of Pickleman’s at 7438 Wornall.

Eric explained the name of the bar came from the trolley that connected Waldo and Westport (Dodson’s).  They added the Commons to emphasize a “gathering of like minds coming together”. He added “We are incredibly stoked to be in Waldo” because of all the local businesses that support each other and the residents that frequent locally owned businesses.

Stop by Dodson’s over the holiday season and welcome them to our neighborhood!